mobile murals

For exterior and interior mounted murals and theatre backdrops

‘His Space’-indoor mural for VBS space theme prop
8' x 4' lightweight foam board

‘From the Moon’-indoor mural for VBS space theme prop, two panels, 8' x 8' light weight foam board

‘Crashing Shoreline’-mobile painting/ prop 3' x 4'

indoor mobile mural for Autism classroom 8' x 4' plywood mounted

Train Engine • free standing prop 12' x 4.5' ( included 2 cars and station, not pictured)

‘Sunrise in the Mountains’ outdoor mobile mural 8' x 4' plywood mounted on Mary Miller’s chicken coop the founder of Lafayette, CO

Dedication Mural for Alley Art Amazin’s founder, John Weise • Mounted Mural 8' x 8' plywood, 2 panels

‘Daniel’s Lions’ stage backdrop VBS 12' x 8'

stage backdrop – volcano
8' x 12'

Middle Eastern stage props: homestead, free standing camel & two 8x4 paintings